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How to install Quantum DB

Quantum DB is an Eclipse plugin for database exploration. That means it runs in the Eclipse framework, and has to be installed there. So to run Quantum DB you have to:

    • Install Eclipse: Eclipse is a framework for developing and running applications. If you really don't know what Eclipse is, you should perhaps reconsider your interest in Quantum DB. You need to have Java installed to run Eclipse. You can get Eclipse here.

      Once you have Eclipse running, you have two main ways of installing Quantum: The easy one and the other one. In any case, first you have to install GEF, that is another Eclipse plugin that is not included in the standard distribution. Quantum uses GEF and so depends on it. Here you'll find instructions on how to install GEF.

      • The Easy Way of Installing Quantum:

        To install Quantum, start Eclipse, go to Help->Software Updates->Find and Install...->Search for New Features to Install. There create a new site clicking on the "New Remote Site" button. In "Name" In "Name" write "Quantum DB Update Site". In "URL" type "". Then click on "Finish". You'll have to get something like this screen, only without the error message (that's if you still haven't installed GEF, and without the marks in the selection boxes. You have to select the features you want (select them all if in doubt) and click on "Finish"

        After some licensing screens and confirmation screens, Quantum should be installed. You can uninstall it later in Help->Software Updates->Manage Configuration

  • The Other Way of Installing Quantum:

    Go to the download page of the Quantum project in, download the latest release, or another release if you are using an old Eclipse version. The file will be named something like Uncompress the .zip file into the eclipse installation directory, and restart Eclipse. That should work. If it doesn't, either you haven't GEF installed, or you should try to start Eclipse with the -clean command line option.

  • How to know if Quantum is installed:

    Go to Window->Open Perspective->Other... If there is a QuantumDB perspective, the installation is probably O.K. Select that perspective to show the main Quantum views.

  • What next:

    Go to Help->Help Contents. A help window should appera. In the "Contents" window, one of the entries should be called QuantumDB User's Guide. Open it up an read to know more about using Quantum.

  • What to do if I have a doubt, or something doesn't work:

    Go to the user's forum and ask your question. Or go to the bug's list and post a bug. Or go to the feature requests and ask for Quantum to do something that it doesn't do, and you'd like it to do.